Thursday, 14 April 2011

All about today

Yo ladies and gentlemen,

Today is okayyy. My best friend was quite interested in looking at what Mr Brown sang about the garbage. (A little strange for my best friend coz she isn't really interested but IDK...) HAHAHA.

The girl who sits beside me(XXX) played with me pepsi-cola. HAHA to you if you don't know what pepsi- cola is. Sorry to XXX if you read this but, I'm actually better... In the first 4 rounds...:):):);).. But you're better in the last 5 rounds.

Dear XXX,
I don't admit defeat. I was tired that's all. If you know who you are, good. If you don't,... I want a rematch coz I'm gonna win so watch it..
Maybe tomorrow I'll plan an attack of tickles on you... HAHAHA

Good Luck For Tomorrow Coz Tomorrow isn't your lucky day,

Ooo. That reminds me. Tomorrow is Sports Carnival. I don't want to go!!!! It reeks of urine..

Hey people, I got to go. See you tomorrow, if I'm alive.

P.S: Even if tomorrow or whatever I'm alive, I simply refuse to share my thoughts with you guys...

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